LEADERSHIP To find and retain scarce leadership talent is a big challenge, so we need to re-frame our thinking on how to connect with that talent. Learn more The-Inclusion-Partners-slide-rood The-Inclusion-Partners-slide-rood INCLUSION It takes change from within, self-awareness, experiencing the effect to get a return on relations. Learn more


Diversity can be seen, Inclusion can be felt.


Be a reflection of the societies you operate in.

Social purpose

Helping corporations to create more social cohesion.

Executive Search

Making corporations more gender balanced at top layers.

Connecting you to tomorrow’s leaders

Towards an inclusive company culture

Latest Insights

About the power of dialogue 744 400 The Inclusion Partners

About the power of dialogue

In my previous blogs I paid extensive attention to the importance of diversity and inclusion for business and society. I…

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Diversity & Inclusion? Let’s talk Belonging 757 410 The Inclusion Partners

Diversity & Inclusion? Let’s talk Belonging

I recently read a nice quote from Maya Angelou: ‘You only are free when you realize you belong no place…

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Division erodes our competitiveness 744 396 The Inclusion Partners

Division erodes our competitiveness

Politicians like to refer to ‘Netherlands Ltd.’ if they want to defend social or economic policies. This is quite a…

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